Ohio is for Bloggers...

Sometimes I swear I'm the only Ohio blogger in the universe. Ever get that feeling? Well, probably not because it seems like bloggers live in ever state BUT Ohio haha. Well lucky for me, I figured out that's not true! I found some lovely ladies through Twitter and we have decided to put an end to all this Ohio blogger loneliness and craft up a meeting! Soooooo....

You are cordially invited to the first ever [as far as I know] Ohio Blogger Meetup! It is going to take place Saturday, October 8th in Columbus, Ohio. The plan is to meet up and do a Gallery Hop and possibly go to a local craft store for a fun class or just to hang around. To end the night we might head somewhere for dinner and/or drinks but first, we need to get a head count!

Hop over to this blog that was made especially for the event and keeping track of RSVP and let us know if you're coming!

This is not an exclusive event- it's open to ALL bloggers, so if you have friends that don't read this blog or our blogs, but would like to come, please reach out to them and direct them to this post.  You also do not need to be in Ohio to come to this meetup! If you're from Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, or just happen to be visiting, we want to meet you too! If you'd like to grab the photo below and post it on your blog to spread the word, that would be awesome too! Just be sure to point back here so we can have the initial RSVPs all in one place. From here, we'll solidify the plans and then send out invites via email with all of the details.  I really hope we have a great turn out, and I'm anticipating that we will! It's going to be tons of fun, and a fantastic way to meet new people and connect with other bloggers in the area!

Anyone in the tri-state area thinking about coming???


  1. How fun! enjoy your get together! I have my engagement photos that day :) YAY! I wish there was something like this in the Philly area!

  2. Yes, I get that feeling at times.  I am from Cincinnati but now live in San Diego - so wish I could go to the Ohio bloggers meet up....even though I am not technically an Ohio blogger :).

  3. I'm from Toledo but now live in Arizona.  Sorry won't be able to make it but good to know there are fellow Ohioan Bloggers out there!!  Stop by any time! 

    Corie from Design DNA

  4. runningwithagluegunJanuary 26, 2013 at 10:07 AM

    That sounds like so much fun, I'm also from Ohio and feel the same way. It nices to know that I'm not the only Ohio blogger :) Thanks for posting!

  5. Oh, I love this idea! Gallery Hop is so great in October. Totally putting this on my calendar! 


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