an overdue winner...

I haven't been on my computer since Friday! Yikes! It feels good to be back. I realized that I haven't told you who the winner of the 8x10" mini painting is so I thought I'd hop on here and say...

Congrats dianapantz!

I will be mailing out your new painting this week! I have been crazy busy with school lately. I just can't wait for graduation. I'm so burned out. I just sit there and stare at teachers because I know exactly how to get A's at this institute without even taking notes. It's sad how I get when I'm not challenged in something I enjoy. Side note though... I've been thinking and Grad School for illustration or fine art sounds really fun to me. We'll see... I'm kind of done with this whole school, racking up debt thing.

I'll be back soonish to show you something I made for one of my classes and show off some pictures of my visit to Frank Lloyd Wright's Westcott House this week. Pretty schnazzy!


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  2. i showed blake this and he goes ; did she make this for us? ;)
    thanks buddy!


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