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This product review will be especially awesome for any readers out there who are in the same boat as me. What boat is that, you may ask? The I-Hate-Vera-Bradley Boat. Those outrageous patterns... yikes. But I will admit, their wristlets made life so much easier during my freshman year of college.

See, in college, I am constantly changing what bag I'm using. From backpack, to purse, to gym bag... it leads to a lot of "Oh crap" moments when I realize I've either left my keys or wallet at home in my other bag.

Enter Threads of Gray... Barbara was kind enough to send me one of her custom ID Card Wristlets. I got to pick out the pattern and everything! She even made it the perfect size for my iPhone! Check out my rad wristlet!

I love the pattern and the pretty accent teal in the inside. I have all my daily needs in this little guy and even keep my house key on it. It's perfect for when I'm going out to the bar with friends and just want the bare necessities for the night.

There is a separate pocket in the inside where you can slide your ID in to be visible from the front. I keep my key cards behind my ID and separate from the rest like my Student ID and Debit Card. All my other cards and cash go in the main part and I even have room for my daily meds/vitamins :] There is even a velcro pocket on the back where your phone can slide in securely for running around town. I'm in love.

What sets Threads of Gray apart from the rest is what it stands for as an independent business. Barbara started sewing shortly after her Mother passed away from Brain Cancer at the young age of 49. 100% of the proceeds from Threads of Gray are donated to the American Brain Tumor Association in my Barbara's Mother's Memory.

Needless to say, I am in love with this little wristlet and everything it stands for. I will be using it until it dies and then getting a new one from the lovely Barbara :] You can check out her shop here or learn more about her through her blog or facebook page!


  1. I never understood wristlets. Why would you want that dangling from your wrist?

    Hahaha, Vera Bradly... it's good to know I'm not the only one who would qualify that stuff as outrageous.

  2. Thanks so much!! Glad you love your ID holder!! can hook it on your belt loop or purse or diaper bag....or I can do the strap as a lanyard to wear around your neck too! Plenty of options :)

  3. This is so convenient!  I have 2 Veras' a wristlet and a id holder and I was not thrilled with either purchase but i needed an id holder and it's only that... I love that it's large enough to put the necessities in!

  4. I have one of these that I used when I needed to show a work id.  I hadn't thought of all the other possible uses!  I think I'll try putting my necessities in there and hooking on the big diaper bag (the kids' necessities)...


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