I have really been feeling the stress lately. With group projects [the worst idea ever] and other homework, I've been at my limit lately. Whenever I'm at the brink of a mental breakdown Mike always reminds me that I'm a strong woman and I can do it. Then I remember this quote. 

I'll make it. I'm already a third of the way through this semester and I can make it! I won't let this dumb group project break me after 3 years of Hell is already completed. So there! Take that group project!

I'll be a little absent over the weekend. I'm in West Virginia for a family thing. Should be fun and a nice break from all the stress. See you on Monday!


  1. I hear you about school stress! Oh my goodness. Hope your weekend is a great chance to relax :)

  2. I heart that quote :) You can do it!!!

  3. You TOTALLY CAN DO IT!!! And one of my favorite quotes: "Crying doesn't mean you're weak. It means you have been strong for too long." So if you need to: LET IT OUT!

  4. I know how you are feeling!!  This week has been awful for me.  But I love this quote.  It is exactly what I've needed.  

    I hope you have an enjoyable relaxing weekend!

  5. i love this quote. we make it against all odds because we have to, there is no other option sometimes! x


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