and a thousand trees cried out in pain...

I'm a little late to the party in finding out about this new addition to super markets but in my defense, I watch a lot of Netflix which doesn't have commercials. Kleenex Brand Tissues recently [or not so recently] came up with a solution to dirty hand towels in household bathrooms, and no, it's not simply stopping your lazy streak and doing laundry more often. Disposable hand towels...

Yep. Kleenex is worried about your health and how you wipe nasty dirty germs all over your hands whenever you use that cotton hand towel. Well, thank you Kleenex, I'm really worried more about germs than I am the Earth stopping just in time for my grandkids to turn 3. Yes, that kid up there is overjoyed he can sleep soundly at night knowing his little hands are free of hand towel germs. Whether there'll be a livable planet on his 80th birthday is a whole other story. If you haven't caught the sarcasm, this tree hugger is a little put off.

The fact that they engineered the design to even fit in the towel rack [an ugly design if you ask me] makes me want to explode. After my initial surprise and anger I decided to hop online and give Kleenex a chance. Surely, in this progressively eco-friendly world, Kleenex would at least use recycled material to make these disposable paper towels. Wrong again, instead, I found this little jingle Kleenex has made up for your kids to sing while wiping their hands...

“A Kleenex Hand Towel that’s mine all mine
And a song that’s exactly two clean hands long
No yucky old towel’s gonna ruin my day
I dry my hands the Kleenex towel way”

 Thank you, Kleenex, for teaching our next generation exactly the opposite of what they should be learning. Honestly, does it really matter what kids wipe their hands with to dry? More than likely they are going to leave the bathroom, walk down the hall, and resume picking their nose. Kids are dirty. Just let them be.

With so many other companies going "green" and actually putting forth an effort to save this planet, it boggles my mind why such a huge company would think this is a good idea. I decided to write the company a letter and I really hope I get a response.

So, for $2.99 you could get your own 60-count box of Kleenex hand towels that will inevitably end up in a land fill. If the earth-friendly vibe doesn't convince you, let's do a little math. That's a nickle for every towel. Assuming you wash your hands a low amount of 5 times a day and have an average family of four, that's over $350 a year spent on your "germ free" solution.

Here's a solution, quit being a lazy bum and do your laundry! Oh, and boycott Kleenex.


  1. Jess [Tenpenny Splendid]January 27, 2013 at 3:18 PM

    I love that you pointed this out.. I feel like this always happens. Going green is huge so lets make disposable hand towels. Being health conscious about food is a big deal so let's make a cheeseburger sandwiched between two grilled cheeses (via Friendly's). It amazes me that companies are willing to blatantly go against everything good people are trying to do these days.

  2. Awful. Seriously, REALLY, does anybody need this? Ever? No.

  3. Until reading this, I would have never thought twice about these little devils! Thanks for pointing out and making more people aware that it's easy to avoid killing God's planet!

  4. Oh lordy. As if there aren't enough disposable items in the world.


  5. Wow. That is a MAJOR fail on Kleenex's part. I commend you for writing a letter! It's good that you took action. 

  6. Yep, this ticked me off too. Unbelievable!

  7. I saw a coupon for these yesterday and think disposable hand towels are the biggest waste of money. Plus awful for the environment. Every time I wash my hands I should use a new disposable towel? A family of four would go through multiple boxes of these in a month. 


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