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A: Tell us a little about yourself and your blog!
T: My name is Tori of The Editorial and I'm from East Tennessee. I'm a full-time college student, a writer, a online shop-a-holic, and  a child of a majestic and mighty God. 

A: What made you want to start up the EdiTORIal?
T: Growing up in the south, I always felt like I was supposed to keep secrets- trying to be the perfect southern belle. Blogging became my journal, my creative outlet, my world. At first, I was going to keep it to myself, and not tell too many people about it. But after discovering blogs like Casey Wiegand's, I couldn't help but want to get my voice out there. The main thing I noticed {and immediately admired} about Casey is that she is so real. I thought, what do I have to hide? I'm me and that should be celebrated! If I'm an emotional mess on a Monday or having the time of my life on a Thursday- I wanted to tell the world, in hopes to make someone laugh or help someone going through a struggle that I am. 

A: What are your favorite things to blog about?
T: I love to blog simply about my day-to-day experiences and DIY's, including pictures and real-life lessons learned. 
A: Where do you find your inspiration?
T: I find that most of my best posts are inspired by the rough days. Whenever I'm having a bad day I like to reason things, and sometimes that works best by just writing it all out. It really helps me sort through this mess life sometimes can be! {and sometimes it helps me realize how ridiculous I am for throwing such big pity parties!} :)
A: What's on your handmade wish list?

 T: This stinkin' cute planner from Much Ado About You

This really cute initial ring. {I love the mixed metals}

This pretty little clip. Would love to finish off an outfit with that for a holiday party!
A: What are a few of your daily read blogs?
T: Lately, my daily reads {besides Crafted Love} have been... Be One Of A Kind by Victoria, Sweet Verbena and The Perfect Pear

A: What are you most looking forward to this Fall?
T: The think I'm most looking forward to about Fall is the fashion. Nothing makes me happier than knee-high socks, riding boots, and pretty sweaters!

A: If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
T: As unhealthy and embarrassing as this is- Taco Bell. I'm so obsessed with that artery-clogging burrito haven!

 Thanks so much for telling us about yourself, Tori! Everyone, if you'd like to get to know Tori a little more, check out her super cute blog!

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