how did you get so tall?

Today is my little brother's sophomore homecoming. Holy cow is all I have to say. I still remember the days when I could pin him to the ground and tickle him till he cried. Now, at 6'4", I'm just grateful that torture hasn't been repaid to me because honestly, I don't think I'd have a fighting chance. I could pull out old photos and show you how cute he was as a little munchkin but luckily for him, all those photos are on my parents' computer.

So, instead, I will just say how happy I am to have him as a brother. Despite my angsty teenage years when I swore I never wanted a brother, we are as close as ever and I wouldn't change it for the world. So Evan, have fun at the dance and don't grow up too fast!!!

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  1. I used to have that same feeling with my sister when I was a kid and teenager. I will just bother her and we used to fight a lot. Now, I can't live without her! And she's also taller than me. They all grow up so fast!


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