Our Wedding | Engagement Picnic

GAHHHH! I'm so excited to share these photos with you!!! Melanie was on total overhaul to get these amazing pics up and ready and now you get to see them!!! We had so much fun with Melanie shooting these photos. After what seemed like a thousand rain date make ups, we finally got them done! You may not be able to tell from Melanie's awesome editing skills, but the day was quite dreary and cold. Nothing stops us from a cute picnic though...

This little bee up there was probably the last bee alive on the planet. I don't know how he survived the cold weather. Well, he decided to fly right down my shirt. No joke. I started jumping up and down and slightly shrieked. Luckily for me, he didn't sting me because that would have put a damper on the day for sure. 

Mike is such a good model in front of the camera. But every so often it's like he gets antsy and has to do something stupid... like make weird faces that in turn make me start to giggle. Luckily, Melanie is patient and waited to get the perfect picture...

These bike/skateboard photos are my absolute favorite. They are so "us" I could squeal. I can't brag about Melanie enough. I love her so :] With all the random photo shoots we've done with her over the months, it was perfect that she could capture our engagement pictures. You should definitely go stalk her other photos on her Facebook page [maybe "like" her too!] and check out her website as well.

I have lots to update you about wedding plans... if you follow me one Twitter, you probably already heard. Soon enough! But for now, I'm actually off to Chicago for the THIRD time in the past four months for a school field study. We'll be visiting a bunch of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, going to museums, and having a critique with a fancy landscape designer up there. I'm a little bummed because I'm not friends with anyone in my studio, but I'm going to make the best of it and maybe just go off on my own in the city. Anyone live in Chicago and want to meet up with me tonight in the city? Haha. See you soon!

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  1. I just went on a similar little picnic!  although mine wasn't an engagement shoot...so cute!! Just stumbled across your blog :]


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