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In what little free time I have during the week after class and work, it's really hard for me to want to do anything but maybe make it to the gym and them veg out on my bed for the rest of the night. With a completely handmade wedding less than a year away, I really need to find a way around that. Enter lounging-crafts, haha. I've found something I can do while laying in bed watching Netflix [side note, I started watching Mad Men]...

Since we won't be having any flowers in our wedding, we had to think a little outside the box. Especially with such a low budget and our love of recycling/reducing/reusing, the centerpiece idea we came up with was perfect for us. It doesn't hurt that I can completely relax while I make them :]

We've been saving all our wine bottles, soda bottles, and a few larger beer bottles... then I wrap them with different sized twine/hemp. The first one I did I used my hot glue gun. After 10 glue refills and only getting about half way through the bottle, I decided to take another route. Tacky Glue seems to work perfectly.

I really like all the different shapes. I must admit, I have ulterior motives now when buying wine, soda or beer. I buy based on how cool the shape is lol. The bottle in the back on the left is a 40oz Corona bottle, wine on the right, and a vintage Pepsi bottle up front.

In my head I was thinking about placing them in groups of three on the tables but after looking at this picture for a while, I think it's a little too much twine together. So, instead, I think having one of the bottles just be clear with no twine or labels would be a nice change up.

I can't wait for my stash to get bigger but I'm a little twined out right now. I've wrapped a total of five bottles, some pretty big with itty-bitty twine. But it's nice to know I can get so many done when I put my mind to it!

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