weekend plans...

I'm testing out the new Blogger iPhone app currently and hoping it lives up to my standards haha.

Yes, it is Thursday, but this weekend is my Fall break which means I have tomorrow off! A much needed break if you ask me.

I'll still be working on school work but luckily for me, that entails water coloring a few perspective drawing for the architecture project my group is working on. If only all architecture school was like this :]

Tomorrow I will be spending my day working on some craft projects, getting a head start on some Christmas presents (handmade of course) and just chilling out for once!

Later that day Mike's BFF Abigail comes into town for a visit! I can wait! We have a lot of fun things planned like haunted trails, movies, crafting, and more! I can't wait!

So here's hoping this Blogger app works. I'm a little worried about the photo insert feature. I'll be really mad of it posts the pic at the bottom and not the top. Yes, I have a slight form of OCD. Fingers crossed! This app would be the best thing ever!!!


  1. Hahaha, it still look good though!! :] xo-JA

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