black friday sponsor sale!

Not out in the madness of Black Friday? Well you won't miss out on ALL the deals! That's right! From today until Monday at 11:59 and night, you can get sponsor spots on Crafted Love at 50% off! Already purchased your December ad for next month? Take this opportunity to stock up for the new year! Large ads are now $7.50, medium ads $5.00 and small ads $2.50!!! You can't beat those prices! There is no limit to how many ads you can purchase at this low price so snag as many as you'd like! Email me at info[AT] to reserve your ad in the line up! There is still a limit to how many large/medium/small ads I can hold each month So don't wait! December is going to be a great month here on Crafted Love :]

This sale excludes extra large featured ads

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