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I don't know about you, but I'm not a big fan of white mattes around pictures. Sometimes, a little matting is pretty, but when it seems like there is more matte than photo, something has to be done.

If you remember from my last DIY on how to make subway art, we had a really boring picture frame with no photos in it. I just really hated it. I knew it had potential but I needed time to fix it up. So, if you've got boring frames in need of sprucing up, grab a map! Yup, that's all you need other than scissors and glue!

This is pretty self explanatory but just in case... Step One: Take the matting out of the picture frame and trace around it on the map. Step Two: Cut out the shape that you've traced and cut out the picture holes. Step Three: Glue the map to the picture matting Step Four: Put photos back in and hang up!

I'm not one to hang a bunch of photos of myself around the house, I find it creepy. But I figured having this one photo frame be about us wouldn't hurt. We chose major photos from our relationship... First date [left], proposal [right], and engagement [middle]. The map is of Ohio and Dayton [where we are from] is right above the first photo. Kind of perfect!!! Now go spruce up your photo walls!

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  1. Wow I love this! I definitely want to make this for my boy and I! :)


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