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More easy art for you! I'm a big fan of typography. And I'm a big fan of quotes. They can really lift you up out of a foul mood sometimes. If you're a fan of the show How I Met Your Mother, that quote up there probably sounds a little familar :] Anywhoo.... whether you're a fan of HIMYM or not, you can make your own typographic subway art now too!

First, grab a canvas. Any size you want. For this project you'll also need a paint for the color background you want, white paint, a sponge brush, painter's tape, heavier weight cardstock, a printer, an exacto knife, cutting board, ruler, and a few hours of your time...

I did this project by making a stencil. I love my handwriting and all, but keeping those letters the same size and lined up perfectly was not going to happen for me. So I started off with Photoshop, but you could use Picnik or even Microsoft Word. I made up a art board on Photoshop that matched the size of my canvas [12"x24"] and typed out what I wanted it to say. You can use any quote you want, try song lyrics! Once it's created, drag it into Microsoft Word or print straight from Photoshop in multiple 8.5"x11" pages.

Grab your cutting mat, knife, and ruler [make sure it has a metal edge or you'll cut right into the ruler]. Cut out each letter. Yeah, it will take some time... so turn on your favorite show or movie and cut away.

Feel like a break from cutting? Paint a coat of the background paint onto your canvas. I only did one coat because I liked the grainy texture it got from my brush.

When you're done cutting out the first page of the quote stencil, make sure your background is completely dry and use some painter's tape to adhere the stencil to the canvas. Use a natural sponge to dab white paint onto the stencil. Make sure you don't do it at an angle or paint will get under your stencil. Dab it from directly above and you should be fine. While that paint dries, cut out the next page of your stencil.

Repeat those steps until your whole canvas is covered with the quote. If you look closely, you can see my letters don't have the "holes" like with the O, D, A, etc. No worries...

Grab a normal paint brush... I used a flatter one... and dab in with the background color until you get the letters looking just right. Let it dry... hang it up.... and admire your art!

[and ignore the blank frames on our walls... we're still nesting]


  1. amazzingg. LOVE your quote and this idea! :) 

  2. this is sooooo cute! and a wonderful DIY! i bought some little pictures like this about a year ago and paid over $150 for 3!! this is perfect!!

    ♥ allister bee blog

  3. Can you give a tutorial of the photoshop side of things? I'm awful and have no idea where to start!

  4. it looks great, what font did you use?

  5. Such a fantastic idea! I have a blank canvas I'm going to jump on right away for this project! Lovely!

  6. amazing blog!!! i'm following you!!!if you like  mine,do the same!!

  7. Awesome post!!! I love the idea. I'm also curious, what type font did you use?


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