life according to instagram...

With being so busy with school work, I've sadly started to neglect my Instagram :( I need to change that. It's so fun to look back on old photos and remember what I was doing that day. It's true what they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. I can quickly glance at an Instagram photo and instantly remember all the fun things that happened that day. If you have an iPhone, you definitely should snag this app while it's still free. If you don't have an iPhone, just start taking more photos on your phone during the day! You'll never regret it. Anyway, here's what little things I've been up to lately...

1. Mike and my parents drank a bottle of wine that came is a totally rad 
Dia de los Muertos bottle. My mom is saving it for a cool craft :]
2. Wrapping Mike's birthday present [which I didn't end up waiting 
until his birthday to give him] in a brown bag with stamps.
3. Enjoying my Sunday morning at the apartment 
watching One Tree Hill with cheerios :]
4. My realization that I stick out like a sore thumb at my 
preppy school because of the clothes I wear.

5. It's still too early for Christmas music but Starbucks 
holiday cups do make me extra happy.
6. Mike's grandpa handed us down his auto tool cart 
from his garage. I instantly saw it being our mini bar area :]
7. Peppermint Stick ice cream at UDF!!!! One of my 
favorite things about the holidays.
8. Boredom at works leads me to find odd ways of entertaining 
myself. This time, leaving random messages for my coworkers to find :-P

Want to follow me on Instagram? Look me up! My user name is AllisonKaye

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