a little goodie from MGP Designs...

One of my lovely sponsors, Lauren, of MGP Designs sent me the CUTEST necklace the other day. I just had to show it off!

First off, it came so cutely packaged. I really admire when handmade shop owners go the extra mile to make an item feel like a special gift. I had a little moment of excitement when I opened the mail package and saw this little box waiting for me :]

Business cards are a crucial in brand marketing and Lauren's way of wrapping hers in the actual gift made it seem like a gift tag rather than a "hey, here's my card" thrown into the mailing envelope.

I never thought crinkle paper could be cute but Lauren proved me wrong :] Even after daying being thrown around in the back of a mail truck, when I opened the box the necklace seemed to be placed perfectly in there so that I opened it and got excited once again. I don't think I could have put it on faster.

I absolutely love the color and I don't normally like pinks. The chain and back of the pendant is a nice brass material. What I really like about this necklace is how it's constructed. Instead of the pendant just being strung on the chain, it's actually attached to an individual chain link. That way, the lobster claw clasp doesn't swing around and end up sneaking down around the charm itself. Brilliant :]

Anyways, I'm in love. The length is perfect, the color is perfect. Everything about this necklace is perfect. Now, normally, when people end me their product to review, they get the photos that I take to use for their own marketing. With Lauren and MGP Designs, I really don't think there is much need for more product photos. Lauren has done a fantastic job of photographing her products. The set up is thought through to the smallest detail like placement of the necklace chain. I definitely commend her on that front. 
If you love this necklace as much as me, you're in luck because Lauren actually has three others in her shop in purple, teal, and cream. You should definitely jump on them because I'm thinking they will go fast.

You guys should really go check out her shop and all her amazing products, though these necklaces are definitely my favorite :] I'm sure you'll be seeing more of Lauren around the blog this month so go get to know her!

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  1. omg;o the necklaces are really amazing!!!;o


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