over the weekend...

1 + 2. Mike and I went to watch Joey play hockey. Despite my 
moccs, my feet froze like icicles.
3. The very next morning we went to watch Evan 
play basketball. It was a sports-packed weekend for sure.
4. I started painting an old armoire in my parents' basement 
to soon become my craft closet at the apartment :]

5. Saturday morning we went to a festival in my hometown, "Christmas in Springboro" 
[early, I know lol] and watched the parade before eating yummy food.
6. We went to a used bookstore we'd never been to before and 
fell in love. Everything was so inexpensive!
7. I snagged two books that I read way back in junior high. 
I didn't appreciate them at the time and never held on to them.
8. After searching for forever, we finally found a Bread vinyl. 
I have lyrics from their song "If" tattooed on my back. I looooove that song.

9. We helped Evan put together his brand new IKEA bedroom furniture 
which was an early Christmas present. It's the same as what Mike and I have just in black.
10. Chinese for dinner! The straws reminded me of a sea anemone.
11. Mike got a Batman Snuggie from my parents for his birthday. Die. I try to hate those things so much but they do keep you rather warm. 

In other news, in case you were under the assumption I am not a real person who makes stupid mistakes just like normal people, I have a story for you... No pictures for this one, it's embarrassing enough without photo documentation.

Sunday night Mike, Evan, and I drove the above mentioned painted armoire to the apartment using my parents' van. I hopped the curb and parked the van on the grass in front of the apartment building so we could more easily get the rather heavy thing out of the back and inside. After much sweat and cramming, we got the thing inside. I hop back into the car quickly so I can move it into a real parking spot before someone calls the landlord on us. Put the key in the ignition, turn... nothing. The key won't even turn. This sometimes happens with my car but all I have to do is kick the brakes a bit and it fixes itself. No such luck. Now the steering wheel is locked too. I now have a van sitting in the middle of the apartment lawn that won't turn on. Oh, and it's raining. I call Mike and Evan to come help. Evan calls my Dad. They proceed to start pushing the car trying to see if it's because it's on a slight incline. Other than making me feel like the car has crazy hydrolics, it still won't turn on.

I'm not the best person at keeping my cool under pressure so Mike sends me inside so he and Evan can figure this out without my cursing and kicking. While inside I pull out my phone because surely, Google has an answer for this. I type in "key won't turn, wheel locked" and a bunch of Yahoo Answers forums pop up. Other than stupid answers like "are you sure it's your car?" I couldn't find any reason why this might be occuring. In a huff, I walk back outside to find Evan on the phone again with my Dad. My Dad was going to take my car and drive out to help. 

It dawns on me that he won't be able to drive out to help us either because I brought my keys with me to get into the apartment. So I say to Evan, "No wait, he can't come out here. I have the keys to my car." It's about that time that Mike looks at me with blank stare...

"Allison, are these your keys?"

As Mike says this he hands me the keys I was trying to start my parents' van with. Fail. For the past twenty minutes in the pouring rain I had been trying to start the van with the keys to my Honda Accord. My parents also have a Honda so the key actually fit into the ignition. Who would have thought the Google answer "are you sure it's your car?" would be right on the money. I felt like an idiot. 

Evan called off my dad before he drove out. I think he was extremely relieved that his daughter was just having a blonde moment and that there wasn't an expensive problem with the car. Nope, it was just doing its job and making sure random people didn't drive off with it. I felt so stupid.

So just in case you were under the impression that bloggers don't go through the same stupid moments everyone else does, now you know :-P

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