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I think a good blog design is crucial in getting views and a loyal following to your blog. Maybe I'm just anal about design, but there's just something about a blog that has perfectly aligned columns where everything is the same pixel width. Now, that's not to say a blog with a killer layout but poor content is going to get more views, but great design certainly helps!

In between custom blog design commissions I've been working on making up a few customizable blogger templates to have on hand for those who would rather save a few bucks and snag a premade one :] I have a several already started a few finished, but I wanted to share with you one of my favorites!

I love chevron. In fact... [spolier alert] the new 2012 design for Crafted Love happens to be totally chevron'ed out :] This particular template, though, is 940 pixels wide which allows you to choose "extra-large" with your photos. I think large photos in a post really makes it more aesthetically pleasing to read, therefore, snagging you more followers!

With any of these premade templates pretty much everything is customizable. Want a different color scheme? Not a problem! I will change the colors to your liking, add your blog title, and switch out the about section with your personal information, name, and photo! Along with the design you receive five sidebar links which can be changed to whatever you would like them to say. Totally up to you!

So what do you receive? Well... a JPG file of your header, about section, sidebar images for links, and the HTML for the blog which includes the background image coded in! 

If you'd like to snag this template for $20.00 email me at info[AT]!

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