today is a special day...

Today is my mister's 26th birthday!!! He thinks 26 is an unimportant age and therefore doesn't want to celebrate it... but when do I ever listen :-P He said no presents. So I just got him a zombie t-shirt from Etsy. No big deal :] While there isn't a huge party planned this year, I still think any birthday with my man is special! So, in honor of the 4th birthday I've gotten to celebrate with Mike, here are 26 of my favorite memories with this totally rad guy...

One: Back to our very first date, when he convinced me to run through those giant sprinklers on a golf course. Wow that was a lot of fun.
Two: Watching some Redhawk hockey from the comfort of box seats because my roommate had extra tickets. Win.
Three: Going to see Anberlin in concert where Mike jumped in the Mosh pit and almost broke his nose. Perhaps not his favorite moment, but I did crowd surf that night :]
Four: Our random roadtrip to Indianapolis. It may not have been very far but we had a lot of fun that day.
Five: Mike going as my date to Miami's Bicentennial Ball. It was like the senior Prom I never got to enjoy because of boy drama. Ohhhh high school...
Six: For our 6 month anniversary Mike bought me a fish. Some girls get flowers, I got an animal :]
Seven: Buying our first Christmas tree, which we still have today, after only a few months of dating. A little optimistic, but hey, it all worked out :]
Eight: Going on a date which we lovingly called "The War" where we ran around the neighborhood shooting each other with airsoft guns. It hurt, but it was a blast.
Nine: Going on random and useless trips to Walmart because there was honestly nothing else to do in Oxford under 21
Ten: Listening to him give a bestman speech in which he declared to EVERYONE that I was the girl for him. You can bet I turned bright red and had to hide my face for the next 5 minutes.
Eleven: Mike accepting my Halloween-crazed family and donning eye makeup for our spooky Halloween family portraits.
Twelve: All the pool days with our brothers where I spent more time behind the camera than in the water :]
Thirteen: Yellow Springs, Yellow Springs, Yellow Springs. Each and every trip.
Fourteen: Going to the beach together during one of my family vacations.
Fifteen: When he randomly spoils me with Bill's donuts and a glass of milk. Swoon.
Sixteen: Our trip to Minneapolis and thinking about the awesome future we have in store together
Seventeen: Getting my first tattoo with him. Ouch.
Eighteen: Showing him around Chicago for the first time on our way to Minnesota.
Nineteen: Of course, the day he proposed to me and caught me so completely off guard.
Twenty: When he figures out what present I've gotten him EVERY year. I swear, surprising that kid is impossible.
Twenty-One: Watching him skateboard, anytime he does.
Twenty-Two: Laying in the middle of my parents' driveway for hours after we first starting dating just talking about life.
Twenty-Three: When we go on bike rides together. Man I love biking.
Twenty-Four: Finding random sticky notes on my computer weeks later with little ooey-gooey love notes from him.
Twenty-Five: Exchanging mixed tapes early in our relationship. Yeah, we were cheesy.
Twenty-Six: This on is for all the future memories I know we will share and I honestly can't wait! Happy birthday Mikey!

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