we need your help!!!

Hi guys! We really need your help! Mike and I entered into Melanie's contest to win FREE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY. I can't tell you how much that would make our lives easier and help us save money for our move to Minneapolis.

There are seven contestants so we actually have a chance at winning! So I'm asking for you guys to help us out and go over to Melanie Reller Photography and "like" and comment on our picture and story. The more likes and comments we get, the better our chances of winning!

Here is the link directly to the photo, hopefully it works, it should be the photo up there [but you know what we look like :] Click HERE

Thank you all so much! I really hope we win! Maybe leave your blog URL so I can drop by and say thank you! If you feel so inclined, help spread the word around? You can click "share" and put the link on your own Facebook pages. You guys are the best!!!

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