2011 | a year in review

I can't believe we're ready to start a whole new year again! Looking back on old post made me quite nostalgic. 2011 was a year full of fun, new things and I just thought I'd share a select few with you! Here is what 2011 was like here on Crafted Love; one highlight from each month.


We celebrated Evan's 15th birthday at a really yummy Japanese Steakhouse. I can never get enough sushi. We had a lot of fun. It's crazy to think in a few weeks we'll be celebrating his SIXTEENTH birthday. Wow.


To help out with some hectic times with school, Mike hacked into Crafted Love and told everyone a little more about himself.


March was a pretty crazy month at my school in Oxford, Ohio. Ryan Gosling and George Clooney were at our school shooting their new movie, Ides of March. It was fun watching how crazy everyone got trying to sneak peeks of the duo or trying to get in as movie extras.


April marked the start of my birthday fundraiser. In honor of a childhood friend I donated my birthday to Juvenile Diabetes with hopes of raising $2,100 for my 21st birthday. I'm happy to say I ended up with $2,178 :]


May was probably the most eventful month of all. Not only did I turn 21, a few short days afterward Mike took me to Yellow Springs for what I thought was a day full of picture snapping. Little did I know those pictures were so he could catch his proposal all on camera!


In celebration of my fundraiser and our recent engagement, my parents took Mike and me to Louisville to Fourth Street Live. We had a blast listening to comedy acts, great music, and I even rode a mechanical bull!


In July, Mike and I visited Minneapolis to search for neighborhoods to live in after the wedding. I knew I'd like Minnesota, but really I fell in love. I even got to meet up with one of my blog pals, Diana!


To celebrate my parents' anniversary we all went to Chicago for a weekend. It was fun showing around Mike for the first time. I love Chicago. It seems like no matter how many times you've been there, you always find something new.


I finally experienced my first craft fair this September at my Aunt's church. It was fun to plan the set up of everything, though with school, I didn't get to plan everything as much as I'd have wanted. I can't wait for my next fair!


In October, we FINALLY managed to get our engagement pictures taken with my pal, Melanie. With Ohio weather, I'm amazed we got them done before the cold snuck up. We had such a fun time setting up our little picnic to go with the theme of our wedding.


Shortly after getting out engagement pictures finished, Mike and I announced that we were reclaiming our wedding and scrapping all precious plans. Things were just getting too big for our liking so we opted for a tiny wedding at my parents' house. So far, we couldn't be happier with our decision.


This December was really special for Mike and me. This was the first year we were able to decorate and celebrate in our new apartment. Coming home to a place that was all ours has been amazing to say the least.

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