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While I'm certainly no expert on the subject, I have done my fair share of guest posting over the few years Crafted Love has been around. I've also had several bloggers guest post on here and the question always comes up, what's the easiest way to send them? Well, after several hours spent formatting various guest posts from word documents or email messages, I've found there is no easier way than sending straight HTML.

Sometimes I'll try and walk someone through it over email but with just words, it can get a little confusing, so I decided to do up a whole tutorial on it! Don't worry, you don't need to be an HTML buff to do this, it's actually quite simple!

Start typing up your guest post in your own blog, just like you would type up any other post. Make it look exactly the way you want it to, adding your little intro/about me section to the top. Guest blogging is a great way to get new followers so you want to make sure you tell all about yourself and where people can find you in the blogosphere!

Typically, when you write up blog posts you are in "Compose" mode. In this mode you see all the photos and exactly how the post will look on your blog. What you might not know is that there is a whole other mode of formatting posts. Depending on which blog hosting site you use, the tab might be in a different place. Just look around and you should see the "HTML" tab... click on it.

Don't freak out. You don't need to worry about what all this mumbo-jumbo means. It's pretty much just techie-nerd talk for how your post will look on the blog. All of your text, photos, and even paragraph formatting is held right in those lines of code. Pretty cool huh?

Select all of the text/code and copy it. Control + A on Windows, Command + A on a Mac should do the trick for selecting all of the text. Make sure you've only selected the code in the text box and not random other information from the page.

Open up some sort of text editor. Microsoft Word will do just fine. I chose to use the TextEdit application on my computer because it's just simpler for what I need. I don't need to format fonts, paragraphs, etc., so opening up Word just ends up taking longer. I'm not big on wasted time :-P

Paste the code into the text field and save the document with a fancy name... or just something simple like your blog name :] Save it somewhere you can easily find it, I chose my Desktop so I can easily delete it afterward. Or you could start up a folder of guest posts in case you want to reuse it in the future!

Now all you need to do is email your blogger of choice with the text/Word file! They can open up the file, copy the code, and paste it straight into their HTML tab! Once pasted in, when they click back into the "Compose" tab they will see exactly what you typed up on your own blog! How simple is that? Now the next time you get asked to guest blog for someone, say yes!!!


  1. Allison, you're wonderful! I literally googled this yesterday because I'm trying to get a bunch of different Christmas tutorials from various bloggers for my first blog series. Perfect timing, and thank you so much for posting!


  2. what an amazing post, it's the best ever tutorial, the screenshots also are very helpful, really thinking about building a similar one for blog :)

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  6. This was so awesome!!! thanks!!

  7. Thanks for saving me time and time again!!!

  8. Thank you. I was pretty sure I knew how to send a guest post, but I'm a very new blogger and need confirmation. Thanks again.


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