Handmade Holidays | DIY Ornaments: Jute

Hi guys! There's nothing more satisfying than making someone a gift with your own two hands, even when it's something quite small. Well, for the next four days, I'll be showing you a few easy ways to make handmade Christmas ornaments that look oh-so cute together hung on those branches. Hobby Lobby happens to have all their Christmas decor half off so I grabbed a 12 pack of transparent ornaments for this lovely project. Check back each day for the next ornament but first up...

I looooove twine/jute. I've been wrapping a lot of things in jute these days, so why not Christmas ornaments too? I think it gives the Christmas tree a really cute "natural" feel. So let's get started...

For this ornament you will need three of the transparent ornaments, jute or twine, a hot glue gun, tacky glue, and scissors.  Step One:  Start with hot glue and glue the end of your twine at the top of the ornament. Hot glue dries faster so you can quickly move to the next part.  Step Two:  Once the end is secure on the ornament you can switch to tacky glue which allows you to put more glue on at a time.  Step Three:  Wrap the jute around the ornament while pressing it down to the glue. Don't press too hard, this is glass we're dealing with :-P  Step Four:  When you reach the end, cut the jute with a little let over. Add an extra drop of glue and hide the end. Done!

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