Handmade Holidays | DIY Ornaments: Ribbon

So you've seen two DIY ornaments... Jolly Jute and Precious Pearls. Now it's time to add some red to that tree of yours. For this ornament, I kind of wish I would have splurged on the fully transparent ornaments because the iridescence in these makes it almost difficult to see what's inside this one. Oh well, it's still adorable! 

Other than the ornaments, you'll only need red ribbon for this one. I chose to use a lacey one as well as a solid red one, not that you can actually tell a difference with the shininess lol.  Step One:  Cut the ribbon up into strips. I did about 12 inch strips but it really doesn't matter.  Step Two:  Pop the top off the ornament.  Step Three:  Feed the ribbon into the ornament. Just don't stick your finger in the opening like I did. You'll end up with a glass splinter for a week. Not fun... and painful. Step Four:  Put the top back on and admire!

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