Handmade Holidays | DIY Ornaments: Newspaper

Jute, Pearls, Ribbon... all done. Now for another media I love to use... Mod Podge and newspaper :] After my Newspaper Art, I was antsy to cover something else in newspaper. I think this ornament really ties it all together and gives it a vintage-y feel.

I was actually out of Mod Podge for this one but luckily for my wallet, if you mix a little water with some Elmer's glue you get Mod Podge! Grab some newspaper and a paint brush and lets get started!  Step One:  Put a thin coat of glue on the ornament.  Step Two:  Tear up some of the newspaper and begin to place pieces of newspaper on the ornament, covering it with another layer of glue.  Step Three:  When you run out of places to hold the ornament without getting sticky fingers, hang them up somewhere to dry for a while.  Step Four:  After it's dry, finish layering it with newspaper. Viola!

Now you have four different designs to divvy up for Christmas presents!!! Things look better in groups of three so try making different groupings with the four different styles. Jute, Pearls, and Newspaper for your hipster friend... Pearls, Ribbon, and Newspaper for the more traditional Grandma. The possibilities are [almost] endless! If you missed any of the tutorials, you here's a little review!

              Jolly Jute                   Precious Pearls                 Radiant Ribbon                  Neat Newspaper

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  1. how cute are these!? i completely love your whole collection! they're adorable and so much fun. not to mention, they're super unique! i love it!!

    allister bee blog


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