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How To Make Sequin Hair Accessories
Hello Crafted Love readers! This is Elisha from My Black Tongue. I am a teacher, a crafter and a self taught cook. I have an Etsy shop called Three Ponds Vintage & Design and in my spare time I am an independent consultant for Tastefully Simple! I am so happy to be a sponsor and guest blogger here on Crafted Love. Today I have a little holiday spirit to share and a tutorial on how to make inexpensive sequin hair clips that would be perfect handmade gifts this holiday season!

Supplies Needed: - Sequin Appliques - Alligator Clips - Felt - Hot Glue Gun & Sticks - Scissors 

Purchase or gather supplies needed for this project.

I found these sequin appliques at Michael's for $4 each. I really like sequin accessories to at a bit of sparkle to my outfits for the holidays.

Since the bow has a band around the middle and an open space between the band and the front bow pieces, I simply slipped the clip through and secured it with a dot of hot glue. Let cool.

The back of the leaf applique is flat. Draw out a line of hot glue along the center of the leaf and press the top of the alligator clip into the glue. Cut a small square of felt and glue it to the underside of the clip to secure the felt, clip and applique together. Let cool.

The completed piece.
I hope you enjoyed this post, and are now inspired to create your own sequin hair accessories! I would love to see photos of your pieces if you make some. Visit my blog to read more about my DIY projects, movie reviews, step-by-step recipes, and more! Thank you, Allison, so much for having me!

Thank you Elisha! This is such a simple way for people to make their own presents for family and friends! Sequins are so in right now, I would love to sport one of these around town for the holidays!

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