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Hi guys! This week is my FINAL week of the semester! I have one exam, a paper, and a project presentation and then I am officially done with my second to last semester of college EVER. I can't wait for next year when Christmas isn't overshadowed by finals stress and projects. So to help with keeping this blog active my lovely friend, Diana, [who will soon be my neighbor in Minneapolis!] is here to share a fun holiday recipe that everyone can enjoy!

hey everybody! dianapantz here! i wanted to stop by allison's blog today and share a fun holiday recipe. 

 Before we get started, i want to invite you to stop over to my blog and say hey. i share vegan recipes, stories of life happenings and my journey of turning my fun, little hobby into a full-time job. i create hand-knit winter wear [some pieces are made from CORN!!], baby accessories and farmers market totes. [shop here] lets get baking, shall we?! i have been *dreaming* of buying a donut pan for months now, and finally ran to our local kitchen store and purchased one. my first donut? 

vegan eggnog donuts! [original recipe found here // all vegan modifications made by me!] [makes 1/2 dozen large donuts // you can *always* use a muffin pan instead] what you need : *1 tablespoon vegan butter ; melted  [i use earth balance] *1/4 c turbinado sugar  *1/4 c brown sugar *2 tablespoons soy milk/almond milk in place of one egg [if *not* making it vegan ; add in an egg and no soy/almond milk *1/2 c dairy free eggnog  [this is my fave] *1/2 tsp vanilla extract *1/4 tsp cinnamon *1 tsp baking powder *3/4 c + whole wheat flour  (note: depending on the type of eggnog used, you may need to add more flour.  batter should be fairly thick.  thicker than pancake or waffle batter, not as thick as cookie dough.  add enough flour to get a fairly thick batter, possibly 1/4 c more.) [i did *not* have to add extra flour, but i dont know how thick 'dairy' eggnog is] how to do it : 1) pre-heat oven to 325* and spray down the donut [muffin?] pan. 2) melt the butter and add the sugars and egg replacer ; beat until creamy. 3) in the same bowl, add everything and stir to combine. *DON'T* overmix! 4) use a pastry bag to fill the pan // *OR* use a spoon and carefully put the batter in the pan [i used a spoon and it worked just fine ;)] 5) bake 9-12 minutes ; donuts should be spring-y.

want some icing? eggnog glaze  *1/2c powdered sugar *1-2 tbsp eggnog *1/2 tsp vanilla extract *mix it all together ; once donuts have cooled, frost donuts and enjoy* these donuts turned out really great // the cinnamon gave them a nice kick and they weren't too eggnogy. i am lovin' my donut plan // watch out ;) happy winter & thanks for reading!!

Thanks so much Diana! These look delicious! I actually asked for a donut pan for Christmas this year! I soooooo hope I get it because I will be making donuts 24/7 next year! Everyone, go check out Diana's blog for more yummy vegan recipes! 

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