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I just wanted to show you guys something in case you haven't stumbled upon this amazing product I found on Etsy... I don't know about you, but I'm a huge fan of organization. Other than my mess of a desk, everything in my life is pretty much nicely organized. Well, except for my purse.

Mike likes to joke that when I ask him to get something out of my purse while driving, it's like reaching into a bottomless pit of despair. Embarrassingly enough, I'd have to agree with him. I'm not a fan of small purses except for my one crossbody I use during the summertime. But with bigger bags comes bigger messes and it's often hard to find anything in my purse unless it's A) big... or B) in the front pocket.

When I found Montana Smiths on Etsy, I  knew I had to try them out. Tyna sells a wise array of things but what most caught my eye were her purse organizers. So I snagged one. So Bermuda Triangle, that is my purse, meet your match.

You can use the organizer with the pockets on the inside or the outside. Using them on the outside would create more room to put things like a wallet in the inside. I just like having mine on the inside. It all clasps together with a button. Love. Tyna even sent me a magnetic closer pouch which is perfect for holding my quarters for laundry [oh, dreadful public laundry]

My purse isn't a mess anymore! Things don't roll around at the bottom and I can finally find what I'm looking for and it makes me what to throw more random things into my purse :-P

If you're like me and in desperate need of some purse organization you should check out Montana Smiths for sure. And tell her you're a pal of Allison Kaye!

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