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Hi guys! This post comes just in time for a possible Christmas gift for yourself! With my time off from school I've been working on loading up my shop with Instagram coasters, finishing up next year's blog design, AND whipping up some more pre-made blogger templates!

Simplistic Multicolor

Lacey Monogram

With any of these premade templates pretty much everything is customizable. Want a different color scheme? Not a problem! I will change the colors to your liking, add your blog title, and switch out the about section with your personal information, name, and photo! Along with the design you receive five sidebar links which can be changed to whatever you would like them to say. Totally up to you!

So what do you receive? Well... a JPG file of your header, about section, sidebar images for links, and the HTML for the blog which includes the background image coded in! Plus, if you need help, I'm happy to upload the design for you!

If you'd like to snag one of these templates for $20.00 email me at info[AT]!

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  1. You do AMAZING work, miss!!! I love, love, love that first design so much. The second is also wonderful, but I'm so drawn to that first one. Yum!!! I love doing web design and I appreciate others who do as well, especially when they have amazing skill. *wink*


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