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I think you guys will really like this shop I have lined up for you today! A while back I was offered a deal with Right Side Stuff to create a custom wall decal from Amy's shop. My mom's studio was in need of some sprucing up since it recently took over my old room. Originally I had a quote about music literally taped above the window. My mom some how kept the thing up there until this amazing decal came in the mail :]

Right Side Stuff not only sells custom wall decals, but custom signs, license plates, and picture frames as well! Our decal came safely packaged in a cardboard tube with perfectly clear and understandable instructions to go along with it.

The decal went on so easily and was very simple to "install". All we had to do was use a credit card/straight edge to smooth it out as we pulled off the front and back. Easy peezy!

I love the way it looks in her studio. The phrase is her little motto for all the craftiness that comes out of this little room. She loooooves to scrapbook so the phrase is perfect for her. And you wondered where I get my craftiness from? That'd be my mom :]

Right Side Stuff has so many sizes to choose from when it comes to decals that pretty much anything is possible, not just quotes. Go check out her shop] and see what decals are in your future!

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  1. Great saying... I can't wait until my own place so I can place decals all over.  I always find some awesome ones when at craft stores, etc.  But I can never find any cheap ones always SO EXPENSIVE!


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