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It's almost Christmas!!! I hope whatever holiday you are celebrating this season is magical! And maybe a little snow in your future? I'm not getting my hopes up over here in Ohio. It's been unseasonably warm and rainy [lame] This month I asked my lovely sponsors to share something on their holiday wish list. Let's see what they say and maybe you'll find some amazing bloggers out there to throw on your readers!

On my wish list this year are beautiful things for my home. I absolutely love anything handmade for the home and I particularly like everything in William Dohman's Etsy shop. I love the idea each wooden sign is made from recycled materials and use thought provoking or clever words and phrases to make you stop and think! If I could choose one of these signs to have in my home it would be the 'Think' wooden sign.

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One thing on my wish list this year is a sewing machine but here's another thing I love from my own shop!

Each year, i ask for tons of burts bees chapsticks to get me through the Minnesota winter and into the new year. [i usually end up with 8-12 sticks!!!]

I want the Psychology of Harry Potter! As a psych major and a Harry Potter lover, this might be the perfect present for me. I'm kind of a nerd, but that's okay :)

I keep going back to RosellaResin's shop because their pictures & jewelry are beautiful. I have been eyeballing their rings for quite some time now. I hope Santa puts it in my stocking!

This sounds really silly but one of the things on my wishlist this year was Mod Podge. That stuff is so handy, I use it on just about every project. I ran out at the beginning of the month and it's been super challenging to hold out til Christmas. I have my fingers crossed that I actually get some and my waiting isn't in vain.

This winter I've been obsessed with capes so one of the things on my wishlist this Christmas is this tan Equestrian Cape by Pink Martini (featured in Ruche)! I love everything about this fingers crossed Santa gets it for me this year!

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