Sponsor in January | New Sizes!

2011 has been an amazing year here on Crafted Love, but I've got to be honest... I couldn't be more excited for 2012!!! I'll be graduating, getting married, and moving to Minneapolis all in one year! I'll have more time to spend on my blog and the things I love and I'd love for you to be a part of the journey! 
In just a year my blog has gone from 4,000 views a month to over 20,000 views a month! Now, with over 2,000 followers through Bloglovin', GCF, and readers, Crafted Love is the perfect, and inexpensive way to promote your blog! 

With a new year, brings changes! Crafted Love will be sporting an all new design with all new sponsorship sizes. Same low prices, just a new look!

The extra large, featured spot is still available as of right now. If you'd like to grab a spot for the brand new year or would like more information, email me at info[AT]craftedlove.com. For more information about sponsorship, blog stats, or other ways to be featured on Crafted Love, check out my Sponsorship page.

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