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A few weeks ago Cassidy of Earthtastic Creations contacted me about doing a little review of her vegan, nut free body products. I happily accepted and she sent me a little bag of goodies in the mail that I wanted to share with you!

Originally I only thought I was getting a few lip balms to try out but Cassidy sent me a whole boat load of things to try out! First off, the lip balm was sooooo smooth and smelled so goo! I chose Lavender, Vanilla, and Brown Sugar. It's really nice to know that everything she makes is natural and organic. Score one for the environment!

She also sent a really pretty lip shimmer with the lip balms. It's great for nights out when you what a little extra something. It's lip balm but you lips so shiny... perfect for date night!

Next I tried out her cuticle lotion/nail treatment. I'm not one for upkeeping my nails other than throwing on some polish every now and then but this lotion felt really good on my nails. I think if I keep it up, I could finally stop getting hang nails!

I really like the body scrub, I might have to get more! They both smell amazing and really work! I'm really impressed with Cassidy's products. The packaging is really professional and she's obviously making the world a better place by choosing responsible ingredients. If you are a chap stick addict like me, I strongly urge you to go check out her shop and stock up for the winter season!!! Cuticle treatment to keep your hands from cracking, and body scrub to keep away that dry skin!

Check out her other products and lip balm flavors HERE

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