12 Projects in 2012 | Embroidery

I figured I'd pick one of the "easier" projects of the 12 to start off with. So I thought. I chose to go a different route with the embroidery and not do anything traditional like floral designs, etc. I really like my idea in my head... not so much when I actually started.

I have no clue why I picked this lyric, "no one on the corner has swagga like us" from the song Paper Planes by M.I.A. I haven't heard that song in forever and randomly it came on at work from someone's iPod and I was like, "that's it!". The song just makes me laugh and I won't lie, it's pretty fun to dance to as well. So my idea was to use the quote to make an offbeat "home is where the heart is" type piece of art.

I like the idea. I just don't think I should be picking up embroidery as a hobby any time soon. I'll leave that one to the pros like Lucky. Nevertheless, I tried it and I can cross it off my list of projects this year. Now what's next?

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