12 Projects in 2012

2012 is already going to be a really exciting year. Graduation, getting married, and moving to Minneapolis. With such a big year, I wanted to challenge myself with doing something BIG. Enter my 12 Projects of 2012.

Over the next year I will be tackling 12 projects that are completely new to me. In no particular order I will be completing the following projects. It all depends on what I'm feeling like doing at the time!

This one isn't completely new to me but the last time I tried to knit I got a migraine and had to stop mid scarf. And by mid scarf, we're talking 5 rows of yarn... see, I don't even know knitting lingo. I'm going to challenge myself to make a cowl or infinity scarf. Something I could really use for when we move to Minnesota!

Similar to knitting, but something I've never ever tried. I'm not sure what I'll make but the possibilities are endless! I see some granny squares in my future...

I've been dying to make a quilt but I'm very intimidated by the whole thing. I'd love to make a quilt for our bed or for the living room couch. That's why it's on the list! I will do it!

::Oil Painting::
I love my acrylic paint but I've always wanted to try my skills with oil painting. I have no clue if I'll like it but I hope I do. Oil painting supplies can be a little pricey!

I'm really not sure what I want with this one, I just know I want to try re-upholstery. Or upholstering a boring piece of furniture into something awesome. This might be as simple as making a nice slip cover and pillow covers for our couch.

This semester I am taking a stop-motion animation class. I'm pretty excited about it and after watching a classmate's stop motion project during my Film class last semester, I can't wait to try it out myself! I've got a lot of plans for this one already brewing.

::Abstract Art::
You'd think abstract art would be the easiest thing. Well, for me, it's not. I put so much thought into my designs and artwork that the thought of making something abstract scared the crap out of me! I feel like I would over think it and ruin the whole thing. But the time for procrastination is over! I'm going to expand my painting :]

Every since I stumbled upon Lucky's 365 embroidery project, I've been dying to try embroidery. Definitely not something as in depth as her amazing portraits, but I'd still like to mark embroidery off of my can-do list.

::Web Design::
I've been doing blog design for a while now and understand HTML... but there's a whole world outside of HTML when it comes to web design. I really need to get my portfolio on the web and I'll be honest, I've thought about out sourcing to someone who understands web coding and CSS. But I would never forgive myself for letting someone else do something I know I could do if I put my mind to it.

::Graffiti Art::
After making Evan's christmas present, I was really intrigued with graffiti. While I can do graffiti with acrylic paint and a brush, I'd really like to try out real spray paint graffiti. You know I love my spray paint! Now don't go calling the cops... obviously, I won't be spray painting various buildings. I plan on buying another large canvas and painting that.

After my Film & Mixed Media class last semester, I've been dying to try out Final Cut Pro and do some videography. I haven't decided what the film would be about but I wouldn't mind throwing together a film for our wedding with gathered video that people take.

::Sewing:: I can already sew fairly well but there's still one more thing I want to try before I can call myself any sort of level of seamstress. And that, my friends, is sewing an actual piece of clothing. A somewhat daunting task, but I can't imagine how accomplished I will feel wearing something I made myself. Even more exciting? I think I might attempt to make my own wedding dress o_O

I'm really excited about these projects and I invite you to join in on the fun! Snag some of the projects from my list, or come up with your very own personal projects! Let's get crafty! Challenging yourself to do new things is one of the best ways to keep your creative juices flowing! Check back tomorrow for my first project! Eek!


  1. oooh. this is a good idea :) i may have to join in!

  2. I can't wait to see the projects and hear about your adventures in trying all these new things.


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