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Hi guys! I'm so excited to share this featured sponsor interview with you! I consider Jessica more of a friends and business partner than I do a sponsor. She is the only person or place I go to when it comes to making custom stamps for my packaging and overall business branding. I wanted to show her off and let you get to know her a little more! Enjoy!

 Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI... I have always been interested in creating art. My mother and grandmother love to draw and paint and passed those skills on to me. In high school and college, I took many art classes and continued to work toward something - without knowing exactly what. I finished college in 2000 with a Bachelor’s in Fine Art – Costumes Design & Construction. (Yep, I can sew and make sewing patterns too!)

In July of 2002 I married the love of my life and that is when things started to change for me. I spent a lot of time learning the computer (HTML code – all the rage at the time – LOL) ,website, small business rules, how to set it up, etc. I also spent a lot of time listening to audio books and experimenting with different crafts.

Over the next few years I learned a lot from my first customers about designing cards and building up that core of supporters. Many of them I still consider my good friends and mentors. That is how I look at all of my customers, as potential friends and mentors. I love it. I LOVE working for and with them. I love hearing stories about how the art that I drew and made into a stamp changed their wedding, their small business, or their baby shower. Many of them become my friend on Facebook and ask how my family is.

In 2004, my boss (at the day job) saw me drawing something up and said “Why don’t you make those into stamps for cards?” I was surprised and honored that she thought the art was at that level. So, I took a chance and turned my passion for art into a stamp company and JessicaLynnOriginal.com was born.

Then I learned about this amazing place that was like Ebay but a little different and then I started on Etsy and JLMould.etsy.com was born. I do have the JessicaLynnOriginal version of etsy too, but JLMould was started because I was going to sell a little of everything there (sewing, crafts, stamps, you name it). Well, the stamps were a hit and JLMould is now part of my main stamping website.

Depends on the week or time of the year. I get a lot of customers who ask me to draw out custom art of their pet, family member, business logo or just a fun design.

I have run in to many uses for the stamps:
• Brides who will make their own DIY wedding invites and then use the card and stamp and flowers from the wedding for a shadow box display for their wall.
• Stamps used to make “patterns” on fabric with fabric ink.
• Rather than a “stencil” for the wall I had someone buy an 8x10 stamp and us it as the border on their walls at home. It looked amazing.

I encourage my clients to share their creations on our Facebook page! I LOVE seeing how they use the stamps.

At JessicaLynnOriginal.com I love being able to offer my own website and being able to make all of the creative decisions on how it looks, colors, graphics, options (I am working on setting up a rewards points system on my site) and so much more. I offer all of the same stamps that I do on Etsy. And if you are part of my mailing list, I offer coupons specifically to my website.

Oh...I am HORRIBLE about blogging. There are some amazing ladies out there that can just blog like nobody’s business. I aspire to be like them someday. I am still an amateur at that. I could draw you a picture of someone blogging... Maybe I need to hire one of them to master my blog for me! I get so involved in the design and production process that I just am not as good at it as I could be. I am a blogging "work in progress". I am a huge fan of Allison's blog and I am so happy that we have gotten to know each other. Hint hint.. maybe she will need to teach me a trick or two about blogging!

 Well...I am totally numb about this part. Back in December I was contacted by them and given a chance to get them some samples. With the help of my amazing husband, Aaron, we got them done and shipped so they arrived in time for the magazine’s photo shoot for the February Issue. It is such an honor to have worked so hard for so many years and then to have someone like Oprah find us. It is an honor. Period. An Honor. I think it is one of those things that I won’t believe until I see it!

The real question should be what doesn’t? I am inspired by sitting in a window letting the sun hit my face, going to the zoo, photography, going to the gym, my kinetic for xbox (yeah that thing is a riot), drawing up a silly cartoon, sewing, playing Facebook games (I really need to stop that), spending time with my husband and family, swimming, playing with my spoiled rotten dogs (Strider and Evee), traveling, specifically to my favorite city Orlando… My dream would be to someday own a house in Celebration, Florida. I am a huge fan of “the mouse” and would love to be close to the action. Not to mention breakfast outside every morning..::sigh:: sounds great..

I love when my husband gets inspired to re-create food from our favorite restaurants. He always gets it right on and it is so exciting to see him passionate about his cooking. If I had to pick a favorite “pick me up meal”…I think it would have to be any seafood dish from Fulton's Crab House or lasagna. Both extremely healthy dishes…not really. LOL!

Thanks so much, Jessica! I am so very happy we stumbled upon each other and are working together! The photo above is of her most recent addition to the stamping family, QR codes! If you are unfamiliar, you scan these little codes with your smart phone and it takes you directly to a website or piece of information. Jessica is now creating custom QR code stamps that link to what ever URL you want!

I will soon have my very own QR code stamp for my blog! I can't wait t add it to my collection of Jessica Lynn Original stamps :] Now for a giveaway!!! What's up for grabs?

A $30 shop credit to JessicaLynnOriginal.com is going to make someone very happy this new year! You could use this money to make stamps for scrapbooking, card making, or even a full shop rebranding! Nothing says hand made like your logo in stamp form!

In order to be entered to win this amazing giveaway, there are just a few things you need to do!

Mandatory Entry:
Hop over to JessicaLynnOriginal.com and leave a comment here telling me how you would spend your $30 gift certificate. Make sure to leave your email address so I can get a hold of you!

Optional Additional Entries:
Be sure to leave a comment for each additional entry!
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This giveaway will end Friday, January 13th at 5:00pm. Good luck!

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