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I've been hoping around my sponsors' blogs lately and I've gotta tell you, I'm really impressed. I see a lot of great posts, cute designs, and all around awesome blogs out there. I am super proud to call them my blog pals :] I gathered up my favorite posts and links throughout the month and thought I'd share them with you. You won't want to miss out on reading these posts...

Diana made up some tasty looking vegan sushi and was kind enough to share how she did it. I'm not a vegan myself, but I do love sushi and it would be so simple to add some crab to this recipe. My stomach is currently grumbling. 

Jamie is hosting a giveaway! Go enter! Quick! Right now! A lot of really cool stuff is up for grabs and the giveaway is open until February 6th :]

I'm super jealous of Carla's latest knitting adventure. Knitting is a part of my 12 Projects in 2012 and I can only hope I have the patience to stitch up something like this.

Karlie made up some fantastic looking stuffed peppers that I'm also dying t try out. These would be perfect for a nice little dinner party. Can you say, classy?

I'm really digging Amy's purple lace pouch. This would be perfect for holding change, spare makeup, or even head phones so they don't get all jumbled up in my purse. I might need to get me one of these!

Zelina is a movie lover just like me so I really enjoy reading her movie reviews. She recently watched The Runaways, which I have to agree, the movie is pretty rad with a killer soundtrack.

Shakti Dove did a really cool DIY on reusing old candles. I've seen this DIY around before but she uses toilet paper rolls to make varied heights. TOILET PAPER ROLLS, GUYS! How cool is that?

I love me some tattoos. I can't wait until I can afford to add to my collection. So you can imagine how pumped I was to see that Nova was featured on Sometimes Sweet's Tattoo Tuesday! Way cool, Nova!

Katie is quickly approaching the big mile marker of 21 years. To celebrate that, she's started checklist to complete 20 things! I love goals like this! It reminds me of my 24 Before 25 :]

Candice made a really cool 2012 Goals printable that you all can go snag completely free! How nice is she? It's a good way to keep yourself on track with your goals so they don't become just another forgotten resolution.

Jessica Lynn Original was featured in Oprah Magazine!!! You guys, I know someone famous! Haha, go check out her feature on her blog or pick up a February issue yourself!

Anna is participating in the Photo a Day Instagram challenge! I wish I had the drive to do that. I always forget to take my pictures. You go, Anna!

Check out this awesome recipe for homemade apple cider!!! I loooooove apple cider! There's nothing better than curling up with a book and a hot cup of cider :]

Melisa wrote a really short, but truly inspirational post about dreaming big and actually going after it. She's such a fantastic girl and is always encouraging her readers to be themselves.

Lindsay finally got the camper of her dreams and is one step closer to starting her Scarlet & Cream Dream of owning a gourmet snow cone stand.

This card from Sofia's shop is absolutely adorable. I love how simple it is and I think I have a weakness for Kraft paper. This would be a really cute and original card for Valentine's Day, no?

Juliet shows us a great recipe for making vanilla cheesecake. Seriously guys, these recipes are all amazing. You need to go make them!

Hannah's embellished journals are adorable. I could see this one being my next blog notebook. THe Polaroid on the front gives it the perfect crafty touch :]

Samantha recently started blogging again and wrote this post on how she stays confident and deals with the day to day stress of blogging.


  1. I can't wait to go and check out a lot of your sponsors!

  2. Oh my!  Thank you for the mention!
    I love my little pouches, in fact, I carry them myself.  And you are right, they are perfect for money and other daily items.  They can even fit in jean/short pockets.  I switch between my bags all of the time.  :]

  3. Thanks for the mention! Let me know how the peppers turn out if you make them!


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