meet Batman...

Hi guys! I'm super excited to introduce you to the newest member of our little family, Batman! We had been dreaming of adding a fur baby to our family for what seemed like forever. Recently we finally felt financially stable enough that we could finally adopt a kitty. It had been a while since we had talked about it, though. With me focused on starting my final semester of design school and Mike getting situated into his new job, talk of fur babies pretty much stopped. That was until yesterday while we were out shopping for groceries and other random things.

I walked away from the cart for a moment only to come back and find Mike sticking cat items into the cart. I asked him what he was doing and he replied, "let's go get a cat". I think I replied with something along the lines of, "Wait... what?!?!? Now????" He was dead serious and so off we went to SICSA, our local animal shelter that my Aunt actually runs.

We probably looked around for over an hour at all the different cats and found several that were cute. But with every single one I just didn't feel a "spark", as cheesy as that is. I've never adopted from a shelter before. My two cats, Gizmo and Booster, who live with my parents were both bought at a pet store as kittens. So we pretty much picked them based on cuteness.

Adopting a shelter kitty is so much different. You can see their personalities, characteristics, and how they interact with you and the other animals. I always thought I would fall in love with a cat when I saw it but I just hadn't felt that with any that I saw. 

Just as we were about to settle for a feisty orange tabby [who would have made a great pet], I looked over and saw a black cat that I hadn't noticed before. He must have been sleeping and I overlooked him because he shared his kennel with another cat. He meowed as I walked over, I opened the door to hold him, and I FELL IN LOVE. He was such a little love bug. He loved to be held like a baby with his arms over your shoulder. Adorable. So, my friends... there really is love at first sight with kitties :]

 Ironically, we brought our black kitty home the day after Friday the 13th. We're not much for superstition but how cool is that? He is only 9 months old but he is a total tank. All muscle, weighing in just around 10 pounds already. His paws are HUGE. I'm not fully convinced he's a cat... he might be a baby panther. He still looks like a kitten in the face but he is twice the size of Gizmo, and the same size as Booster. Both of whom are 11 year old cats.

He has lots of toys to keep him entertained. Within 15 minutes he had completely devoured the catnip-filled porcupine we got him. The poor thing didn't stand a chance. We're pretty sure he's still teething so we got him a chew worm that's infused with catnip. Guys, Batman is living the high life.

He is actually missing the tip of his left ear. He was a stray before being sheltered at SICSA and it is typical for vets to clip an ear after spaying a stray cat so people know it's not going to impregnate their household cat. We think it just gives him more character :]

We didn't sleep much at all last night. We brought him home around 7:00pm so he was still a little wound up all night. And by a little, I mean a LOT. He's quite vocal and meows at anything that sparks his attention. We also think he's still a little confused with having so much area to roam. He acted like he was outside and was doing a cat call as if he was trying to find other cats. It's hard to explain but if you're a cat person I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about.

His favorite place to sleep is under the covers of our bed. Sometimes we'll freak out because we can't find him and then realize that the bump on the bed is, in fact, Batman.

We couldn't be happier. We love him SO much. He's so well behaved and such a beautiful kitty. I'll have to take a picture of him with us so you can get a better judge of how huge this guy is. You'll be hearing a lot more about him on here, though, so don't worry :]


  1. He sounds really fun. We adopted my cat Yeti based on her gigantic size and that she is all white with weird mismatched eyes and she turned out to be all wrong for our household. I love her and she loves me but she hates the kids and tolerates my boyfriend barely. We should have taken her for a test run, haha. I feel good about adopting her anyway because we are giving a huge bitch of a cat a good life, and I doubt many people would be so patient with her.

    I like that you adopted a black cat too, at the SPCA they told us people hardly ever adopt black cats due to stupid superstitions.

  2. Batman is a adorable.  Congratulations!


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