new year... new look...

 Happy New Year!!! I hope everyone's New Years Eve was fun! I still remember 2010/2011 New Years Eve when Mike, my friends and I somehow missed the ball drop switching channels. Major fail. This year was much better other than a glitch with Blogger and uploading my new design. But I finally fixed it and all is well :]

If you're on a reader and can't tell, the new design for Crafted Love is live! Here's a little snap shot for you just in case you can't see. I really missed the clean white background I used to have and I've been loving chevron lately. Teal has always seemed to be Crafted Love's go-to branding color and everything else just fell into place! I'm pretty proud of myself... I've had this design finished since the end of Nonmember. I'm actually amazed I was able to hold off launching it until the new year. I'm normally so antsy with designs.

As you can see, the sponsors section got a little revamp as well which will now allow me to offer more small spots... meaning I now have more space to give away spots! Yay for prizes!

I've given a little face lift to all my pages like DIY, Contact, and Design so tell me what you think! I hope to get my portfolio online soon for blog reasons and for that ever-so-quickly approaching job search time [yikes] but for now, that's still in the design phases.

Anywhoooo... I'm not much for resolutions but just for fun, here are a few small goals I have for myself and the blog...

I will...
... attempt to run more in prep for the Warrior Dash!
... survive my final semester of design school.
... listen to more music.
... paint more.
... try some new forms are arts + crafts.
... start my 12 Projects of 2012 [more on this later]
... marry my best friend [not a goal... but still]

Crafted Love will...
... focus on the major shop relaunch.
... make time for a weekly craft project/DIY.
... find new/more ways to feature sponsors!
... top 1000 GFC followers [I know it's not about the numbers, but hey, it'd be cool]

What are some of your goals for this year?

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  1. jealous of your blog makeover! I need to learn how to do this


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