a project for Batman...

I finally got around to trying out my new sewing machine my parents got me! I don't have a desk at our apartment just yet, it's still at my house in Oxford. So I just pulled it out and sat it on the dining room table. It's so portable and light that I don't think I really even need a desk specifically for sewing! I was able to set it up in less than 5 minutes!

The funny thing about adding Batman to the family... he's pushed me to start projects I've been pushing back. So what was the first project I did on this new sewing machine? Curtains. I'd been pushing it back because our window in the apartment is such an odd size. I knew I wouldn't be able to use them again when we move so I wanted to just wait until Minnesota to actually start making things for our apartment. Well, Batman likes to watch the outside world, just like any other cat. The thing is though, he was about to break the blinds off our window if I didn't come up with a solution quickly. So I decided to stop procrastinating on sewing up some really basic and inexpensive curtains.

Well, Batman may be the reason I finally started the sewing project, but he certainly didn't make it easy...
Since moving out of my parents', I had almost forgotten how cats have a way of finding the worst spots to sit or lay out when you're trying to get something done. Big piece of fabric on the floor that you're trying to cut? Oh, that's now the cat's new fancy bed. Thread you're trying to stick into the machine? Nope, that's actually his toy, didn't you know? Sewing pedal? Don't think for a second he won't magically step on it as he's walking by. That cat sure did make a 20 minute project turn into a whole afternoon ordeal. But I love that cute little face too much to get annoyed.

Anywhooo, when I say "basic" curtains, I'm not joking. I bought some slightly sheer grey cotton material and just hemmed up the sides. I made a loop big enough for the curtain rod to fit into and then I just hung them up. I didn't even use straight pins to keep the fabric together. Mainly because I strategically misplaced them right before starting. Smooth move, Allison. They are a tiny bit uneven but it's hardly noticable to anyone other than O.C.D. me.

Look at that faaaaace. He's just so precious. Needless to say, he loves his little perch now. And I love not having to worry about waking up to the sound of blinds ripping off the wall. Our apartment is actually half under ground so when he's sitting in the window he's actually at ground level. It's like he's physically outside! Or at least so he thinks :] I just want to squeeze him he's so adorable! But the cutest photo of the night??? Well, that award goes to this one...

hakjhfhasludhglasuhgahsgoih I can't take the cuteness! I love how our little family is shaping up. Right now, though, I'm back at my house in Oxford for classes :( I miss Batman terribly already. I can't wait to come see him this weekend. Having a new kitty makes me want to graduate that much faster. May 5th, get here faster!!!

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