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Originally, this year for Christmas I had plans to hand make all my Christmas presents. Unfortunately, with final exams finishing up just days before the holidays, it was really hard to find time to get everything done. Not to mention I worked a full 40 hour week at my hometown job the 5 days before Xmas. 

I did manage to make a few gifts for my family and I just wanted to show you them. I'm pretty darn proud of my brother's present, not going to lie.

My parents lived in Chicago for several years so obviously, the city lives very near and dear to their hearts. I saw some of these on Pinterest and decided to make an Illinois one for my Dad. I'm sure our neighbors hated us because I was nailing over 100 nails into wood at about 10:00pm the night before Christmas Eve. Down to the wire? Nah ;-]

Ok, now for the masterpiece. My brother recently did a revamp of his room and covered up his baby blue walls with faux brick. I helped him tape up the wall and he painted on the red color. It looks pretty schnazzy. He told us he'd really like to have someone come spray paint graffiti onto the wall above his bed and say his nickname, "Evantron". At first, I suggested he search on Craigslist for a graffiti artist. But on second thought, bringing a complete stranger into the house wasn't the brightest idea, plus the fumes from the spray paint would no doubt be in our house for months afterward.

Then I had a bright idea for what to do for his Christmas present...

I bought a large canvas from the art store and painted it the color of the brick "cement". Then I snuck into my parents' house when no one was home, nailed nails into the wall and hung up the canvas. I taped it with the same painter's tape so that the bricks lined up perfectly and quickly took it back home so no one would see what I was up to. I later found out that my very unobservant brother actually noticed the new nails in the wall and figured I had bought him some sort of picture frame for Christmas. Close, bud. But not good enough.

I have never in my life painted this large of letters, let alone in a graffiti font. I don't think I've ever been more proud of a piece of artwork than I was with this. I did it in three nights from base coat to accent colors. It was certainly a labor of love.

Evan was so confused at first when I walked out with a canvas as his present. I had the art facing away from him so I'm sure he was thinking, "great, another random painting from my sister... what a drag" When I finally unveiled what it was he was ecstatic. He half couldn't believe I remembered the original graffiti conversation.

His excitement got even greater when I showed him how it fits seamlessly onto his wall. When you step back it's almost like an optical illusion. You can hardly tell it's not a part of the wall. I've already had people asking to commission me for a similar piece of artwork, but I might hold off on doing something like this for now. I don't want to mess up this awesome feeling :]

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