what's your favorite thing about winter?

Well guys, it's the end of January and here in Ohio, we're still getting drenched in rain and 40 degree weather. Not your typical winter, but I'm still holding onto hope that we will get a decent snow fall. I love a lot of things about winter. Hockey, catching snowflakes with your tongue, school snow days [the one thing I'll miss about college], sledding, skiing, snowboarding... but my favorite part of winter? That's probably got to be ice skating.

I love going skating with Mike. I'm not a fan of crowded ice rinks where the only direction you can go is in counter-clockwise circles, but any form of ice skating and I'm happy.

I asked my sponsors the same question this month. Here's what just a few of them had to say about their favorite winter activities...

My favorite winter activity is playing in the snow with my dogs. My nerds LOVE the snow - and any time spent with them in it is always, always, always a blast!

My favourite winter activity is curling up on the sofa with a cup of hot chocolate (if it's got marshmallows in it, then even better!) and spending the day watching movies and reading books. I live in Scotland and it gets COLD here, so indoor hibernating-type things are the way to go in winter!

My favorite winter activity is enjoying the snow! Whether it's playing in it or hearing the calmness envelope me when it's snowing. There's just something about snow that makes everything better.

So.. what's your favorite thing to do in the wintertime??? I'd love to know!

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