12 Projects in 2012 | Quilt Progress

I got all my fabrics in the mail the other day and I've been hard at work to get this ultimate picnic blanket finished! I'm so excited about this project! I've pretty much followed the digital "pattern" I designed inch by inch other than it's going to be one row shorter. I also decided to connect the rows in a more "off centered" look rather than lining them up perfectly. Many because I don't think my quilting skills are up to par and I'd have misaligned pieces anyway

I've sewn all the pieces together in rows and now I'm sewing the rows together. Once I finish sewing the rows together it's just sewing/quilting the fluffy batting in and then the oil cloth base.

I think Batman is going to be a little sad when I get to sewing the batting in. He's made it a nice little bed for himself. I still need to go out and buy the grey fabric for the binding and ties but I'll do that sometime this weekend.
I've got a bunch of projects planned for this weekend so if I'm a little absent on the blog over the next few days I'll make up for it with fun posts next week :] Until then, wish me luck I don't mess up anything with this awesomely awesome picnic quilt!!!

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