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Helloooo! My lovely mom is back with her update for her Organizational Challenge she is doing! This Thursday marks the end of the challenge so you will be seeing one more update post and then the final photos Thursday! A little spoiler, her studio is looking FANTASTIC compared to where she started. I'll let her tell the rest, but man, I'm a little jealous :]

Norean here with the continued 29 day challenge with Studio10

Studio10 was created in 2010 after I graduated with my Master’s and Allison’s rarely used bedroom was graciously given to me to organize my craft supplies ignored for over two years.  I spent most of the first week of this 29 day organizational challenge time taking all the clutter out and organizing it into piles. I had four piles, one for donation, one for scrapbooking/card making, one for jewelry and one for everything else.  As I pulled clutter out I kept notes about how I acquired the clutter and why I thought it landed in that spot. 
I spent some time reflecting on how the room was originally organized and how it worked or didn’t work.  I realized there wasn’t any real organization – surprise!!  If I was making cards I would go to one bookcase for the blank cards, another bookcase for the stamps…or possibly the closet, the highest shelf for ink pads and then to the other closet for the ribbon I use extensively.  The ribbon was all threaded onto slacks organizers but I had to use straight pins to keep the ribbon on the spool.  Why?  Well when you roll out one spool every spool on that row moves!  Now how does any of this card-making organization make sense?  Where to start!!!
The biggest surprise during this first week and wonderful “Ah Hah!” moment came after I removed all my “organizational containers” from my cluttered craft desk.  I had things in Longaberger baskets, turn-around organizers, etc.  I pulled them all out of the studio and moved them onto my bedroom dresser.  To my huge surprise I realized I had been taking up over 6 square feet of desk space with items currently occupying a recycled boot box.  One of my first week challenges came into focus…I needed to find a better method of keeping my important tools close but not on the desk while additionally solving my first dilemma of a clutter desk full of jars that couldn’t sit on their intended shelf. As a reminder here are some before pictures of my jar problem as well as my ribbon issue.
After spending some time on Pinterest I pinned some ideas I was hopeful could be solutions. I spent a few trips to our local hardware store as I determined how to make these items without plans. Here are the after pictures.  I can’t tell you how proud I am of these as I made them myself with my own sketched and graphed designs, power tools and the age old adage handed down from my father…measure twice, cut once!   I’m equally proud of using the efforts I’ve learned from Allison by upcycling and recycling items on the railing system.  I love the three generational themes to this effort.  The organizational outcome of these projects was huge for the room’s function.  Now everything I could need is within an easy arm’s reach and isn’t taking up valuable room on the desk.  Where previously I’d be bringing more baskets of materials to the desk from far away in the room to work on a project, the most frequently used items are right there and I have room for the basket of embellishments as I contemplate the design of a card.

The following week’s challenge was to determine how to keep from putting my various “project” items on this craft desk when I’m running around the house and not focused on the functionality of the room.  I always hated cleaning off the craft desk to be able to start a project or to have to clean off the desk to find a card or scrapbook page I had to stop working on.  This will be the biggest aspect of this 29 day challenge!

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  1. Stopping by from the 29-day challenge linky... This is awesome! I love your new ribbon organizer/mason jar holder. I especially love how it's color coded. That is gorgeous!


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