29 Day Organizational Challenge

Hi guys! This is the first of a short series that is actually going to be written by my crafty mom, Norean. She has set a goal to completely organize her craft studio through Organizing Junkie. In order to be a part of the party though, she needed to blog about it. My mom just isn't ready to start her own blog [don't worry, I'm working on it] so I offered to have her guest post on here! To find out more about the 29 Day Organization Challenge, click [here]   Maybe you guys will join in on the fun? Now, I give the floor to my lovely mama!

Hi, I'm Norean. I am a multi-decade crafter.  Currently my loves are scrapbooking, homemade cards, jewelry making and home d├ęcor.  Historically my space was in the corner of the unfinished basement, a rather dark and cold area.  In 2010 after graduating with my MBA and anxious to resume crafting I was faced with returning to the basement.  However, my daughter, Allison Kaye of Crafted Love, gave me her bedroom.  As a sophomore in college she wasn’t using it often and much of it had been moved to the dorm with her or she’d outgrown.

The first picture is of the tree Allison painted which is my inspiration and what the studio was planned around.  I sketched out the dimensions of the room and where I could place furniture and not interfere with the tree, the view out the window, closets, etc.  I was very pleased with my initial efforts in 2010.  Having the tree my daughter painted on my left and the window looking out over my garden and bird feeder station makes this room a serene escape…provided I don’t turn around and stare at the views of the next two pictures!

The next picture is of the second desk and is the worst area of the room.  Let’s start with my cute jars of ribbon that I can’t keep on the shelf since the shelf isn’t level and my husband’s basement stereo and surround sound knocks them off the shelf.  Couple that with the multitude of Longaberger baskets I have as well as unfinished projects and it’s a war zone and completely uninhabitable!  I often don’t complete a project as I have a deadline for a card or a homemade gift…completely and excuse I get it!

The corner section is the next picture and not much better looking but more functional. However, if I’m busy with a project more often than not “stuff” is on the floor and I have to step around or move things since I don’t have two functional desks.

The closets are the next picture and the two main issues are how my jewelry making supplies are stored and the availability of my sewing machine.  I have to remove all 12+ jewelry finding organizing boxes to locate which ever supplies I need for a project.  Often I pull all of them out to place them over top of the already crowded desk or all over the floor.  In this picture the sewing machine is relatively available…this is the exception not the rule as the sewing machine top becomes an additional clutter area.

The last picture is the chaos that is the electrical cords.  With a home and worktop, a printer, back up drive, desk lamps and my speaker system…it’s a disaster.  I’ve had these tied up before but have to pull out the back up drive and/or speakers several times a year.

I am blessed to have the makings of such a wonderful room that I had always dreamed of having.  I am 30 days into the “Organize in 5 Diary” and loving it.  This room is way bigger than 5 minutes so I was thrilled to hear about the 29 day organizational challenge.  It’s long enough for me to seriously rethink the system I set up two years ago and organize it around my personality, my varied and demanding work schedule, my faults and my crafting loves.  I’m inspired by this challenge to finally come up with a sustainable solution.

Thanks Allison for letting me guest blog for a couple of times over the next month.  We might even be able to work back-to-back some weekend on crafts when you are home :)

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