the adventures of batman...

I'm starting to realize the best way to photograph Batman is in black and white. He just blends into the darkness so well! I take a picture, look at it on my computer, and then realize it's just a black mass with two yellow eyes. Not ideal. But he's just so cute! I had to share some recent photos I snapped of our adventures with Batman...

Mike and I keep a lot of doors in our apartment closed ever since bringing Batman home. The bathroom is one of those always-shut portals. Batman is a rather clever cat. And while he hasn't figured out he's able to jump up to the kitchen counter [thank goodness], he's pretty good at finagling open cupboards and doors that are left ajar. So with cleaning supplies and other dangers lurking under the bathroom cabinet, we decided it was best to keep that area off limits.

That doesn't stop him from running in after us when we go in for morning teeth brushing, face washing, etc. It's like his own little play zone for 15 minutes twice a day. He really loves the shower for some reason. Really, I think he just loves being in tight spaces like under blankets and in between the shower curtains. Silly cat.

And it was only so long until one of us left the toilet seat up. It was probably the best day of Batman's life when he found the never ending supply of water that is the toilet. Rather disgusting if you ask me but he seems to enjoy every bit of it. Go figure. A cold bowl of filtered water sitting on his eating mat and he prefers the gross toilet.

Man, I love that cat. He's such a goof. He's a little rag doll. I love to rub his belly :] He's put on a little weight in the belly area actually, so we are watching his food a little more. I should probably stop giving him treats. But I am determined to teach him to sit, come, and shake, which all require rewards. He's a happy cat.


  1. My sister has a black cat named George and he is quite the rascal, much like yours. It's funny photographing him on her navy denim couch, because he disappears!! haha it's so funny. 

  2. i LOVE your new blog layout! it's so pretty. and your pictures of batman are adorable!

    drop by allister bee soon!

  3. You are teaching him how to sit? How? Please share! My cat plays fetch and comes (when he wants to)  but won't learn anything else! x

  4. Renee@attackofthehungrymonsterJanuary 26, 2013 at 10:13 AM

    Such a beautiful cat!  Yeah, we now have a toilet lid down rule in the house so our male cat doesn't go swimming or drinking.


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