Mardi Gras Kings Cake Drops

This weekend my parents had their annual Mardi Gras party. It's always a lot of fun and since I've been on a cake pop making frenzy, I decided to make some for this occasion too! If you're unfamiliar with the holiday, one of the traditions is something called a King Cake. It's pretty much a giant iced cinnamon roll in the shape of a crown with colorful sprinkles. You bake a little baby figurine into the cake and whoever gets that piece has good luck or gets special privileges. 

I wanted to make cake drops similar to this but with regular cake mix. I also skipped the baby since these are small enough to pop into your mouth. I figured someone would swallow the thing and the night would end badly :]

I used white cake mix and a piping tool to get the mix into my cake pop maker smoothly. I don't know what I would do without the piping tool. I'd make such a mess. Putting the mix in a ziplock bag with a hole in the corner would work too. I ended up making two boxes of cake mix which took a pretty long time.

I melted up some vanilla flavored bark and dunked each of the balls in and covered them. My mom and Mike helped make an assembly line to keep the process moving quickly.

We used edible glitter in traditional Mardi Gras colors and sprinkled them on the tops of the drops. Then we set them outside on the deck to cool and harden.

They were so cute! And sooooo delicious! They were a hit at the party and only about a third of a plate was left by the end. I was pretty proud of them. I plan to make different cake pops for each event we have in the future lol. I love making them!

My mom bought me these adorable dinosaur sprinkles that came in an equally adorable jar. I'll definitely be reusing it once I've used up all the sprinkles. I made my brother and his girlfriend their own set of dino cake drops since they wouldn't be at the party. They're so cute!!! I might be addicted to making cake pops. I will definitely have to try different recipes and have them at our wedding :]

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