Our Wedding | New Color Inspirations

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Like I mentioned before when I showed off our Save the Dates, Mike and I have changed up our colors a little bit. We've kept the green which has always been one of Mike and my favorite colors but instead of the original plum color, we have switched to one of my other favorites, yellow.

I'm loving the lemon-lime feel we have going on for our little summer wedding. It's going to make shopping for and making decor so much easier. I'm already on the hunt for the perfect pair of yellow peep toe flats. I've found a few candidates but if you have seen and cute ones around the internet, leave me the link, please!

I'm getting so excited for the big day! Valentine's Day marked the 6-month mile marker for the wedding. It's crazy to think how fast time has flown. Before I know it it will be time to start decorating my parents' house!

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  1. oooooh la la! so cute! i'm excited for you! we changed our colors like 3 times. we now have most of our decorations now so we can't change! woot! 

    happy almost friday!drop by allister bee soon!


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