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I finally designed our save the dates! I used two of our engagement photos that the lovely Melanie Reller shot for us to create a photo-graphic postcard design. I'm big on saving money where we can and postcards are not only inexpensive to send, they save more paper [no need for envelopes].

I work at a print shop so I had the added benefit of knowing about their really inexpensive printing options. I could have purchased these online through a site that speciallizes in postcards but they were going to charge almost $2.00 PER POSTCARD. Yikes. While we only needed to send out a total of 30 save the dates, I was not about to spend upwards of $60 on save the dates.

How much did I spend on these babies? $4.50 

Nope, that's no typo. It only cost about four bucks to print these and I cut them with our giant slicing machine. Postage was only about $10 so in total, I think we made out pretty darn well with these guys.

I'm so excited with how things are shaping up with our little wedding. I couldn't be happier with how small and intimate it's going to be. Plus, having it at my parents' means I can start decorating days before instead of scrambling to get things together the day before. We've actually changed our wedding colors a bit from the original plum and sage. My cousin who is getting married two months after us [remember her engagement photos I took?] actually chose the exact same colors without realizing we had already chosen them. 

At first I wasn't going to change anything. I figured only our side of the family might notice. But then we decided to change them slightly to make the decorating easier. Plum is actually a pretty difficult color to find, let alone get multiple decor pieces the same shade. But more on the new colors later. I'm feeling a brand new inspiration post brewing ;-]

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