I was feeling extra cute and nice the other morning so I made a little breakfast in bed for Mike :]

Sorry for the silence lately. I figured I should check in and explain why posts have been a little sparse over the last few days... it's midterms!!! I can't believe my semester... my LAST semester ever... is already half way through. It's so crazy to think about. It's gone by so fast.

I have a pretty major project due tomorrow that I've been hard at work on and Thursday is our infamous school holiday, Green Beer Day. I'll definitely be celebrating [I'll make sure to take photos] but school doesn't stop for our shenanigans and I have an exam and two assignments due that day. So I've been trying to get a jump on things so I can have fun with my friends in between classes. I'll be waking up a 4:00am to cook up some green eggs/pancakes for Kayla and Mike before heading out for a celebratory green beer before my 8:00am class :] But for now, it's off to class. How has your week been going? Enjoying the sunny weather?

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