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This month I asked my sponsors what is one thing they have learned over the years about blogging. A few of them came back with some pretty insightful tips and I just wanted to share them with you! Who knows, you might find your next daily blog read among these lovelies!

I've only been blogging for under a year, but the best thing I have learned so far is to blog like no one's reading! This means writing about things that you care about, in a way that you enjoy. When you first start it's easy to be intimidated by all of the amazing writers out there - but just write as if you were chatting to a friend and you'll find that it's easy (and fun!).

Another tip I've learned is to try and mix up what you are writing about. I blog about baking, beauty and life so I try to alternate between these topics as much as possible. This way when someone visits your site for the first time they'll be able to see all the things you cover really easily.


I have learned a whole lot from the time I started blogging. Consistency with productivity is important but so is patience.  But the most important thing that I have learned so far, and which I really struggle with is, marketing yourself and your products.  For me this is hard because I am very modest and when I do my marketing I feel like I am kind of selling my soul.  But then I remember, you are!  You are showing yourself to the people who come to your blog and when they can feel connected just from you giving yourself to them through your blog or products, people are more likely to want to share in your joy and life. :]

I started my blog last summer and have learned so much while growing my blog. My first piece of advice is to be yourself! Write with your real voice and let your personality come out through your posts. This will allow your readers to better connect with you and become more invested in your content. 

Secondly, blog about what you love! I love to blog about what I do and love in my real life--crafts, new beauty finds or techniques, making wedding plans, vintage finds, indie music, and things that make me laugh! It is also important to me to blog consistently and write quality posts. My readers come back to visit if I'm posting almost daily, and if every post offers something new and unique! Finally, don't be afraid to get a little personal. Give your readers a glimpse into your life. Where else can you be yourself if not on your blog? :) 

If you want to know more about these ladies' experiences in the blog world hit them up through their blogs and other sites! Do you have any questions or advice you like to hear from me? I'd love to pull together a Q&A about my experiences with blogging!

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